Xavier Bouyer

Chinese Pole Handbalance
Aerial Straps

Xavier offers two different shows :
The first one, amazing and breathtaking,
combines two competences,
Handbalance and Chinese Pole.
The second one is dedicated to Aerial Straps.
You might have seen Xavier performing in cabarets such as
("la nouvelle Eve" or "Le K"...)
or in special events anywhere around the world.
Silver Medal at The International Music Hall Festival
"Les Feux de la rampe".
The Public Prize :
Ruffec Festival of Humor and Dream.
15th International Circus Festival of Mureaux.

Mat chinois drapeau Xavier
Sangles aériennes Xavier sous chapiteau
Equilibre un bras xavier avec fumée
Xavier planche numéro d'équilibres
Sangles aériennes Xavier Bamberg
Xavier équilibre en haut du mât